Registration & Admission 2021-22

Registration & Admission process is going on for the session 2021-22. The registration process will be started from 15th December, 2020.


Welcome to our School

Principal Message

Wisdom Sculptures freedom
Freedom promotes knowledge
Knowledge exudes love
Love propels education
Education visualizes dreams and dreams are the touchstone of Character!

Schools are the training centre for the citizens of tomorrow. To ensure that Indians have a space in the global platform, we need to nurture and promote innovation in thinking. Children must be encouraged to think through a problem and come up with creative solutions by the help of technical support.

Every new day brings a new experience to be felt and a new mystery to be solved, so everyday there is a new era to be explored. This is a process that helps in moulding and shaping the budding geniuses for the bright future of the nation.

Finally, the future lies in the hands of individuals who are ready to learn all through their lives. The understanding and acknowledgment of this fact will bring about commitment and qualitative change in teaching learning process by the coordination of all the stake-holders of education sector i.e. Parent, Child and Teacher.

Almost all the DPS Schools whether they be in India or abroad are affiliated to the CBSE which is the largest educational board in the country.

Thus Delhi Public School is a trusted name in quality education. Learning at the school is viewed as an exclusive experience, which is not only about gaining knowledge, but also about shaping character and life skills, involving a holistic approach for developing the kind of people our children will be come.

The DPS Educational Society is a non-profit, non proprietary educational body widely recognized for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of their philosophy and educational leadership and scholarly achievement, its mission.